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We love to share our case study results to give you a clear understanding of how we build our client’s business with the Local Search Conversions system. Our process is customized for every client based on their core objectives, what tools or resources they currently have, and the budget the client has. We don’t like to put undue budgetary pressure on our clients. We would much rather our clients be comfortable with their budget and be willing to see the campaign through. There’s no point in spending a ton of money in the short term hoping for an immediate “get rich quick” turn-around. Any real marketing program will be built on a foundation of consistency and improved upon with data. There is no substitute for time when it comes to data acquisition. Time is the great equalizer of any marketing campaign.

Rowlett Martial Arts Center – First 30 Day Campaign Breakdown

*RMAC had a very average presence online when we started the campaign. They had a presence but no real direction or focus. Our goal was to build a strong foundation organically, outline a clear focus, and execute consistently. As we grow we will continue to expand efforts, and with reliable data points build a paid campaign to make quantum leaps in our reach as well as conversions. Obviously, in order to maintain privacy and protect intellectual property, there are some elements of our campaigns that we can’t make public however, you will get a good sense of how we launch the campaign in this case study.

So what did the first 30 days with Local Search Conversions look like for this local business? ⬇️

CASE STUDY: Rowlett Martial Arts Center – Rowlett, Texas

Google Business:

Optimized listing on Google to enhance visibility and discovery for local search results. Emphasis on reviews and reputation. Using reputation management software.

Results: Measured by number of times Google displays in search results..

Map Results: 1,490
Search Results: 1,360

Reach /Engagements /Actions:

Reach: 8,930
Calls: 10
Store Visits: 12
Engagements: 8,000
Site Visits via Google Business: 88

New Student Enrollments: ⬆️ 300% month over month

Brand New Website Build:

WordPress website to showcase the gym in a fresh and professional way while focusing on search engine optimization to drive traffic and increase organic reach.

Website Results:

Newly Ranked Keywords: 41
Pror Keywords: 14

Organic SEO Clicks: 290
Prior to us: 4

Social Media:
Instagram Reach: ⬆️ 254%

Facebook Reach: 2,600
Facebook Engagements: 1,600
New FB Page Likes: 90
New FB Page Follows: 93

You can see in the images below show the performance metrics shown in each of the above-mentioned areas. You will notice on the Google dashboard that illustrates the engagements on the Google Business insights it went from virtually non-existent to 8,000+ engagements. The website traffic and the search results also skyrocket. The first 30 days is the HARDEST part of any campaign as you start with nothing. You have no data to capitalize from. We have to build a foundation while at the same time drive results with limited if any starting point in most cases. Once we have a solid foundation you will see the results compound and quickly become a well-oiled marketing machine that drives consistent results and allows our client to begin to strategize growth plans

Most agencies will tell clients it takes 90 days to start to see results when you start an organic campaign (meaning no paid ads) and they’re right EXCEPT we created a PROVEN SYSTEM that will collapse that window and we get MORE results in our FIRST 30 days than you’ll get in 90+ days ANY WHERE ELSE. For more information about our system call us at 214-833-8131

Use the live chat function on our site to request a FREE online audit to assess your Google rankings, Evaluate SEO performance, and get best practices to improve your ranking absolutely free. You can visit our home page as well and use the free SEO tool to get an instant report. Schedule a demo with our team and ask about a free 7-day trial with our local search conversion system.

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